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Strada Care is currently working on two exciting areas of interest in the field of holistic care and therapy – Nutrition and Pain Relief.


We are rescheduling the nutrition project to start next month, after having to pause due to the pandemic lockdown. With this we will resume a project to review how we support clients with their meals, helping to meet nutrition demands on an individual level, with the help from our consultant and trained chef Iain Clague on preparing and cooking meals. In this sector, support staff do not usually undergo formal cooking training, and so the quality of meals can vary enormously, as can the insight into the nutritional values of the meals that clients are supported to prepare and choose. Strada Care wishes to lead on change and address this very important aspect of an individual’s wellbeing which can drastically impact on other conditions, as well as impact directly on the immune system itself.


Following on from nutrition and the associated impact on meal selection and preparation, is the growing field of nutritional supplements. We are looking into how nutritional supplements may directly support the treatment of illnesses, where food nutrition for various reasons cannot be relied upon e.g where a person avoids certain food likes fruit and vegetables, which can then create a deficiency in certain vitamins and minerals that are essential for healthy living. We also have many clients on certain medications which can deplete certain vitamins in the body. At present in this sector, causation can be overlooked by the ‘system’ so it stands to reason that baseline nutrition can be adjusted to bring about an improvement in a person’s wellbeing and general health, and also potentially a reduction in medication prescribed to treat the symptoms rather than the cause.

Pain Relief

Finally we are also trialling a new non-medication product amongst staff currently suffering from mild to chronic pain. Official trials of these products are ongoing, but results have been very positive, and we are aware first hand of people achieving life-changing improvements in their chronic pain symptoms, allowing them to achieve a better quality of life. In a world where many of our clients are non-verbal or lack the communication skills to convey pain or discomfort, we wish to explore how we might help ameliorate pain and suffering, always looking out for other signs like body language or a change in habits. We are currently identifying clients who might benefit from this ground-breaking product, in consultation with their next of kin, so they can join this small trial. Without any apparent negative side-effects, we feel it is well worth exploring. We have finalised some protocols for the trial and we shall commence shortly. We shall obviously update our news as and when we gather results from this exciting trial.