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Strada Care takes the Safeguarding of Vulnerable adults very seriously and has made significant improvements in the last 18 months to its record of cooperating with relevant parties in dealing with any potential risk to their service users. Strada Care has built a reputation of improved transparency with local authorities and the CQC.

We employ a well-trained highly motivated staff team that is chosen not only for their expertise but also for their personalities and caring nature. The following procedures are used as tools to clarify possible cases of abuse:

Recruitment Policy

All staff undergo the relevant pre-employment checks including completing a Rehabilitation of Offenders Declaration Form in which they must declare previous offences, all staff will only start their employment following the DBS (Disclosure Barring Service) check process being completed successfully. As part of induction the new staff member will undertake training regarding safeguarding procedures and abuse training.

Accident Policy

All accidents and injuries to clients and staff are reported in the accident book and details recorded on an accident form. Accidents/incidents are reported to the Service Manager or our On-Call support out of hours . The Service Manager or Team Leader will then notify the relevant agencies or parties according to our Policies and Procedures and inform the Managing Director of Strada Care.

Whistle Blowing Policy

The policy gives clear guidance to all staff regarding the correct procedure for bringing to attention any wrongdoing or suspected wrongdoing which they feel could lead to a risk to the safety or wellbeing of any service users or member of staff. The policy seeks to reduce the barriers to whistleblowing and bring a swift and accurate notification of a concern for a quick resolution and ultimately an elimination of the potential risk.

Where possible the element of risk, in some cases a member of staff, is removed or suspended from the home whilst an investigation is initiated with the relevant agencies or organisations.

Have you seen something you feel you need to report? Whistleblowing can allow us to investigate and protect some of society’s most vulnerable people. “You are our eyes and ears.”

Reza Shamtally, Managing Director.