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Yesterday, I attended my first online meeting with an exciting new movement to push for radical change in the broken sector of Social Care, where many sector leaders believe there are solutions to the problems we have endured for decades, from funding to quality of care and support for our most vulnerable.

Reinventing Social Care is committed to delivering ‘Active engagement to promote ideas. Socialised and supported design proposals to shape and influence Government policy in the redesign of Social Care’.

It was a real privilege to be invited to join a group of people with various backgrounds and experience and witness their accumulated creativity, discussion and progress which has evidently already built momentum. I have no doubt that this will drive me personally to share ideas with some of the best providers in social care, and relay this through Strada Care as we seek continuous business improvement, and new and innovative ways to care and support people to achieve real and progressive positive outcomes, to change lives for the better.

More about Reinventing Social Care can be found on their website here, but below are some key points they wish to highlight:

‘Reinventing Social Care’ is a movement born out of frustration.
Over many years Social Care Providers in Surrey have watched on as our beleaguered sector has been overlooked. Change so often promised, but never delivered. A lifetime in the long grass.

There is outstanding work in Social Care, delivered in spite of the system, not because of it.
Brilliant staff do skilled and challenging work for close to the minimum wage, whilst care and support organisations struggle to survive at the bottom of the food chain. Service quality is under pressure. Needs and wants are going unmet.

At its best, Social Care transforms lives.
As Providers, we believe that all the people we support deserve rich and purposeful lives. But our ability to deliver on this ambition is severely hindered.

We need a bold, radical and ground-breaking change, and we need it now.

We hope that our 40 plus years of being a social care provider, coupled with our desire to innovate and extend our provision along the care pathway, will deliver a service to this impressive movement, and help bring about real positive change,

We shall be meeting weekly to keep the discussion and movement rolling, and I look forward to meeting members Friday 23 September!

by REZA SHAMTALLY, Managing Director