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“So, where do I start?! How do services out there differ?”

Choosing the right supported living care provider can be a confusing and overwhelming process. Whether it is you seeking a service for yourself, a family member or a person you advocate for, we know that selecting a suitable supported living care provider is a crucial decision as it will play a big part in the well-being and quality of life of the individual who requires assistance.

Essentially, you need to ensure that you receive the appropriate support in the right environment, the right home.

Qualified and Compassionate Staff

A crucial aspect of any supported living care provider is the competence and compassion of their staff members. Look for providers that recruit qualified and experienced support workers, with a low staff turnover and where appropriate the resources of clinical practioners with relevant qualifications. If the service is CQC registered, there should be a Registered Manager overseeing the service. We recommend at some stage in the search, you meet them, discuss the care package required and get a measure of their approach, knowledge and level of empathy.

Observe how the staff interact with people they support during your visit. Compassionate care and support staff who treat people with respect, empathy and dignity foster a positive and nurturing environment.

The House – Safety, Accessibility, and that sense of ‘Home’

The house itself in the supported living model will be run by a separate landlord or housing organisation, often but not always a registered Housing Association. There is always a separation between the landlord and the care service provider, though they may be part of the same group of organisation. Housing matters like maintenance, property safety and housing benefit to cover the rental of the property all sit with the landlord’s responsibilities. The care and support package which is usually funded by the local authority sits separately with the care provider, and this will only cover care hours, not other aspects like groceries or other products or services – these might be covered by your savings or other benefits you may receive from the council.

The safety and accessibility of the care setting are paramount considerations. Ensure that the provider and landlord adheres to all safety regulations and maintains a clean and well-maintained environment. Check for safety features like handrails, emergency call systems, and wheelchair accessibility if this is required. A safe and secure living space provides peace of mind for both residents and their families.
Beyond this the ultimate aim is a sense of home, where the atmosphere is relaxed, and the décor and rooms reflect a sense of pride. Ideally you should be able to personalise your bedroom, though limitations may very from one property/service to the next. You should feel comfortable with the other tenants that live there, and the staff team that supports the group of tenants.


Our regulator is the Care Quality Commission (CQC). A service may not be CQC registered, and unless they provide personal care, they do not need to be. CQC registration and compliance can help demonstrate that health and social care services provide people with safe, effective, compassionate, high-quality care and we encourage care services to improve. They monitor, inspect and rate services and encourage improvements.

It is essential you read the latest CQC inspection report, and if you have any queries or concerns, point these out to the service management for clarity and how they plan to address it. Certainly, query concerns in any report where the service has a Requires Improvement, or Inadequate rating – it would be unusual that a service rated inadequate would be taking any new service placements though until they improve! Click here to visit the CQC website.

Family Involvement and Communication

Effective communication and family/advocate involvement wherever possible make a significant difference in maintaining a strong support system for you. Choose a care provider that encourages open communication with families/advocates and keeps them updated about your well-being, activities and any changes in your condition or wellbeing.

Regular family meetings and updates can foster a sense of trust and reassurance for everyone involved.

Reputation and Reviews

Do your research and seek out reviews and testimonials from current and former residents and their families. Additionally, inquire about the provider’s reputation within the community and among healthcare professionals including your local GP surgery, or social workers. Positive feedback and a solid reputation are indicators of a reliable and caring supported living care provider. Web searches and social media may have posts in this regard, but obviously these should be read with caution, as they can sometimes be unfair or misleading.

Assessing Services Offered

The first step in choosing the right supported living care provider is to assess the range of services and aspects of support they offer. Consider a provider that can cater to your specific needs.

Comprehensive services may include support with personal care, meal preparation, medication management, housekeeping, transportation, engaging social activities, finding companionship, learning and development, or maybe seeking employment . The greater the match of services and approach , the better the supported care provider can address your unique needs and preferences.

Final note

It is important to keep in mind that the right care provider can forge the relationship and partnership to significantly promote your quality of life and well-being, and where possible enabling a meaningful, enjoyable and progressive direction in your life.

At Strada Care we aim to ensure we offer all of the above, learning, planning and then developing that rapport and understanding to support the person to access all the services and resources they require in the community. With you at the centre of the care and support plan, if chosen, we are privileged to be supporting you and all the people we support on that unique journey to live life .

Whether it is Strada Care or another supported living care provider, we hope you can make a well-informed decision to choose the right supported living home for you to achieve truly happy and successful outcomes.