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Care Unlimited is proud to announce the creation of a new charity called ArtHalo. Back in 2013, Care Unlimited entered talks with Kevin Zuchowski-Morrison, a respected local art dealer who had been working within the Support Team of one our Supported Living houses in Merstham. Kevin had the idea of creating an organisation which used art as a form of intervention and therapy for the people with mental health illnesses or learning disabilities. This followed some very successful experiences with some of Care Unlimited’s residents, and one year on ArtHalo has not only been created as a partnership non-for-profit between Kevin and Care Unlimited, but also had its first exhibition currently showing at Croydon University Hospital. All 8 artists are residents from across the Care Unlimited Group of services, and we are extremely proud of their amazing pieces of work, and also the incredible inspiration and encouragement that Kevin has offered them.

ArtHalo explains:
“ArtHalo is a not-for-profit organisation whose primary vision is to make high quality arts available to all. We reach out to and engage with those individuals and groups including the most vulnerable in our society who may not have had the chance to be supported in channelling desired creative expression.

Through positive high quality visual art intervention our aim is to enrich the lives of those people, be a voice for them, and support every individual to develop the skills they need to fulfil that most basic human desire to create and continue to ensure that desire is fulfilled and supported to its full potential.

The courses which start at £300 for a 12 week set currently run out our resource centre Weavers in Merstham, but will soon be extended its services and basing itself from the soon-to-be-launched Rise Gallery in St.George’s Walk, Croydon.”

Our first exhibition takes place at Croydon University Hospital and runs until December the 31st 2014. The artwork for the exhibition has been chosen from artists who took place in our pilot course and is a group show.

The exhibition can be found on the Woodcroft corridor close to the Woodcroft entrance:

Croydon University Hospital
530 London Road

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