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Last Friday 28th June, I was very proud to attend the presentation of Surrey County Council’s brand new Level 2 Care Certificate to 13 deserving students, of whom 3 were from the Strada Care & Support Team. Group Operations Manager Chris Knight enrolled the candidates earlier this year when the opportunity arose, and we are proud to have our first accredited group from this comprehensive course, the result of hard collaborative work between Surrey’s Adults Academy (Surrey County Council) and Surrey Heartlands Academy, and accedited by OCN.

We had great speeches from Mary Bamgbade Ogunlayi and Kim Everett. Congratulations to all students in the very first cohort who obtained their Care Certificate level 2, especially our three colleagues : Jeannie Nkopowa, Wyclif Masereka and Kelvin Machiwana.

It was clear that the group of students from various care providers in Surrey had formed a special friendship, that will surely endure, and this was reiterated by some wonderful post presentation speeches, not least by two of our Strada staff! It was heartwarming to see the appreciation in the room for the fantastic tutoring by Julia Knight and Sam Johnson who delivered the programme so passionately. Thanking SCC also for hosting a lovely lunch buffet afterwards.

We look forward to seeing Jeannie, Wyclif and Kelvin sharing what they’ve learned and developed with their collegues at work for the benefit of the people we support, and to more Strada Care staff completing their Care Certificates in due course.