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I would like to thank our staff teams who have demonstrated dedication, diligence and commitment throughout the pandemic so far. We are so proud that they have apparently, so far, kept all the clients free from the symptoms of Covid-19. Some staff have worked hard to cover absences around the group, to help minimise the use of external agency staff, in a combined effort to minimise the risk of cross-infection.

Staff have been so open and transparent about any perceived risks regarding potential symptoms for themselves or the people around them, which has no doubt helped keep the clients and the staffing teams safe and well. Our Coronavirus Policy has so far been effective.

We have sadly had some staff struck with the Coronavirus and I am pleased to say they have correctly followed isolation procedures and fully recovered. Strada Care has supported the staffing team throughout the pandemic and it is clear that so far the approach and mentality to keeping clients and staff safe and protected is paying off. We very much hope we can maintain these practices and respond to evolving guidelines and advice as we look forward to what sadly looks like a protracted and complicated pandemic. I have great faith in our excellent team. Thank you.

Reza Shamtally (Managing Director)