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These past two months, our clients at Strada Care have trying to resume travel and activities out and about in the local community, after a very long lockdown since April 2020! Through a combination of high vaccination rates at our services and appropriate risk assessments and good safety guidelines, we are have started venturing out again.

We are focussing on sensory, including food outlets where are less crowds, but with the great smells, colours, lights, sounds, textures and some great local community interaction. We’ve also got out to the fish and chips shop, some great parks and also the River Thames near Kingston.

The impact of this on the wellbeing and mental health of our clients, and our staff!, has been immense, and we really look forward to gathering pace with our usual hobbies and activities, and hopefully some holiday time wherever possible.

Many thanks to our excellent staff for helping to make this possible and for supporting our clients with this important phase.