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In February 2019 we began the rollout of a brand new electronic care planning system to enhance the quality of daily documentation within our Strada Care supported living homes. Following very positive testimonials with our colleagues at the Surrey Care Association, we were very impressed by the demonstration of the system.

Benefits of PASS System for :

  • Risk Management
  • Efficiency
  • Quality of Care
  • Accountability

Care Planning can be time-consuming and with all other paper-based systems quickly disappearing, the draw towards and easy-to-use tablet-based care planning system has become stronger. Care planning and documentation is now getting quicker with the PASS system and we anticipate that support workers will be able to document more frequently through the day as tasks and outcomes are met, and with greater detail and quality of information, so that we can then formulate improved response and planning of our clients’ needs, and abilities.

We have been very grateful for the patience of our trainer Anna at Everylife Technologies and we continue to roll out this exciting and easy-to-use system.A recent survey by SCIE (Skills Care Institute for Excellence) published the following feedback about the PASS System with some impressive outcomes.